Our Goal:

To ensure excellent quality production and delivery of pure honey to customers of different categories at all times.

In addition to agro commodity exportation, Agrikfarms Resources is also involved in production of natural unadulterated pure honey and its associate products such as bees wax, Royal Jelly, propolis, etc. to Nigeria and international market.

We are determined to establish and run modern honey processing factory of enviable standards in Africa for processing pure honey, bees wax and Royal Jelly among other subsidiary products, in order to serve the needs of both local and international markets.

We are currently expanding our operation on large expanse of land for bees blooming flowers, expand sales operations across the country and sub-Sahara Africa and the West through adoption of modern marketing communications tools such as internet/online marketing platforms and other avenues. The business products are currently processed in hygienic environment with modern machineries and refined processing tools.

The business aims at expanding its production tentacles to covering an extensive array of agro commodities exportation which will be supported by export logistics, financial, business development and auditing expertise and experiences of its founder and team of experts garnered over the years.

We seek sales contracts and distributorship from individuals, groups and corporations. We also provide value-for-money through provision of variety products at competitive prices without compromising standards. Below are some of our products currently on sales locally and internationally.

Processed Pure Natural Honey

                                  Extracted Bees Wax

                                                  Royal Jelly

For your ORDER and enquiry, Email us at: agrikfarmsresources@gmail.com

Mobile No: +234806126770

WhatsApp: +2349052027211